Some people ask me –  ‘Whats the deal with a pre-wedding shoot?’

I do love a pre-wedding shoot, it means i get to hang out with my couples before their big day and get to know each other better! They can also see how i work and it helps to ease any nerves they might have about being photographed. *Bonus- you get to have some great images of the two of you in non-wedding attire!*

The best bit is that WE HAVE FUN! I encourage couples to be as creative as they like, be as silly as they like and just be themselves… together. This intern creates a much a happier, easier working relationship on the wedding day, the couples know what to expect, they are comfortable with me and they know that to be relaxed in front of the camera is the best way to be.


How does a pre-wedding shoot work then?

Pre-wedding shoots take place within 30mins of where I live but can be anywhere that takes your fancy! Perhaps you have a joint hobby, or a place were you got engaged? Or maybe, just to name a few, you just love reading/music/dancing/walking/eating?  These can all be interpreted into locations or props…

Location ideas: Gardens, train stations, old buildings, parks, a theatre, a library, a museum,  a graffitied skate park, garden allotments, the beach, the woods, a village or even a industrial area. The list is really endless!

Prop ideas: Food and drink, magazines, books, balloons, confetti, paint powder, bikes, space hoppers, blankets and wellies, fancy dress masks. What ever floats your boat! (Props are not essential at all but can add personality to your images)

So what to wear? There is really no right or wrong here, my only advise it to be comfortable and feel good!! However try to avoid tiny patterns as this will not show up very well in camera. Deciding on what to wear really depends on the type of people you are too. For example, I wouldn’t suggest wearing formal clothes when you are actually a farm girl at heart, or choosing a location with pretty flowers and greenery when you actually love urban, raw architecture! Do you see where I’m going with this? Be bold, be brave but ultimately be YOU!

My biggest tip of all, as I know nerves can sometimes creep up and give you stage fright! 😉 Remind yourselves before the pre-shoot/wedding day of what you are wanting from your photographs and why you are even having your wedding day documented in the first place. What do you want to see when you look back on your wedding day in years to come? Do you want to see laughter, love and happiness? Do you want to see  you with your husband/wife having a bloody good time (and look how young and youthful you look too! 😉 ) I know these are the key things I wanted from my wedding day…

So once you have figured out whats important to you, this will help when you have your pre-shoot… If you want happy, lively photos you know that you need to laugh at lot and move around a bit. If you want romantic, intimate shots, you know the two of you need to actually get cozy with each other and be intimate.

I want to see the two of you being a couple, I want to see you engaging with each other, your personalities! Not so much the two of you staring blankly at me down the lens . I will of course help direct and ease you into these emotions/positions and direct you in a very relaxed way but just be open minded and go with the flow, knowing in the back of your head what you would like the end result to be. I can create awesome photography but it takes team work to create something truly meaningful to the two of you and this is what I always aim for.

I am always posting lots of content of my Facebook page if you want some more ideas!

pre -wedding shoot

 Pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shootPre-wedding shoot Pre-wedding shoot

Pre-wedding shoot


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  1. Hi Lucy not sure if u remember me you took photo off my 30 th birthday 4 years ago , I’m looking to get married next August 26 and was wondering if u are free and cost please Hun if u send me a email I can give u a call . Many thanks Clare