Ah the B word, always on everyones mind. Everyone is on a wedding budget in some shape or form, the key is to prioritise and spend where you personally think is important and cut back on things that your not too fussed about. If your going for an informal day there is no reason to splash the cash everywhere! There is something quite satisfying knowing you have created a truly amazing day and stuck to your budget!

So below I have a few things that you can cut back on depending on your prioritise to help you save some dollar! …


I have attended all sorts of amazing venues, some are very pricey though right? Might be worth seeing if you can have a mid week wedding or an ‘out of season wedding’ as often you will find its much cheaper to have your dream venue this way! Alternately, do you have a friend or relative who has a nice big garden or even a farm or sorts? This is a perfect way to reduce costs, I have shot some amazing relaxed back garden weddings, and have been so much fun!

wedding budget


Ooh this is a hard one right!? A dilemma I hear all too often (myself included!) If you are wanting to keep costs down, keep your guest list down. Only invite people the two of you personally want there, its your day! You can always invite plus ones, groups etc to the evening shindig. Don’t feel the pressure of possibly upsetting people, they should understand and if they don’t they will get over it! Weddings can be expensive, why spend your precious budget on people you do not feel close to, when you could spend it on other things that you love and create the day of your dreams!

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Unless your a petrol head or have always imagined arriving in vintage/ classic or cool car, its not a necessity! You could see if anyone you know has a cool car you could borrow for the day, or even get a taxi! Not often do people even see you arriving either as they are ready waiting in the ceremony area. Even better, if your ceremony is at the same location as your reception you don’t even need one at all!


More and more I’m seeing brides rock up in a dress they got off the high street, and they look awesome! This can save you a bomb. Asos, Topshop, Zara and Monsoon are just a few that have some gorgeous dresses. Alternately, watch out for sales and or sample deals from bridal boutiques. I also see the same for bridesmaid dresses, we got ours from Asos and they were perfect for the relaxed, fun day we were after.

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For the men

Same applies! Chinos, Converse or Vans, there are loads of neat looking ‘casual’ wear that can be worn, tied in with a funky bowtie or braces etc, jobs a gooden.


You can save a bundle hear too, why not make your own? Or go to M&S and then stamp it with your personality! We ended up going to Costco and bought a load of cookies as these are our favourites, it was great fun the day before making a cookie tower!

Hair and Makeup

If your not confident with doing your own makeup and hair, do you know someone who is? Alternatively, you could pop down to a department store or Boots and get a free makeup session! There are also places like MAC where you can book in an hours session which can still be cheaper than getting someone to your house. For the hair, you could ask your normal hairdresser, if they do it. Its will probably be cheaper going to a salon.


Why not ask your guest to bring a dish if your going for an informal, low key day, this can be a great way to get your guests involved. Think of the great british bake off! Or a buffet, BBQ is often a cheaper alternative to the full 3 course sit down meal.

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This is where you can get creative and have your wedding day about the two of you! Go to charity shops or car boot sales, you would be surprised at the goodies you can find! Recycle your jam jars and tins, with a bit of ribbon / fabric these can look so pretty with some flowers in. Think outside the box, you do not need to spend a fortune here, often pre wedding sites are also full of brides selling bits and pieces. You also could go to a supermarket and go crazy in there flower section instead of paying for a florist to do all your tables.

I love these DIY ideas for decorations! 

budgeting for your wedding


Are you a baker? Make something! Are you an artist? Draw a cute little picture. How about making little badges for all your guests to wear? This can also be a fun way to get guests involved, each one could be different! To be honest favours are getting less and less popular, they often just get left on the table and forgotten about. Money down the drain!


Want free invites? Use Facebook or email or create a free website. This will save you on stamps too!

Button Holes

This doesn’t have to be flowers but if you want them they only need to be a few pretty flowers tied together with string. Again i’v seen badges for the groomsmen, we made pinwheels for our seaside wedding. Look on Pinterest for ideas!


Bands are awesome but can be pricey, DJ’s are a cheeper alternative or even set up your favourite play list and have it for free! You would just need to spend a little on lights and speakers, again you might no someone who has just the stuff! Below is a grooms dad and family friend playing the music!

wedding budget


I know you have heard it before, photography is important. Its the lasting memories, the only thing that you have left from the day to look back on. You have your dream photographer in mind, how can you keep your budget in check? Winter or mid week weddings can sometimes be cheaper, and although can be risky, booking them last minuet can also save you some dollar!

wedding budgetwedding budget


I hope this has helped with being wedding budget savvy! Are you in the wedding planning zone? Check out this post all about wedding timelines make the most out of your big day!

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