10 Top Tips for amazing confetti on your wedding day!

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One of my favourite moments on a wedding day is the CONFETTI!! The utter joy on the Bride and Grooms faces and the guests too, in this split moment life is bliss, everyone is celebrating. I also love all the expressions on everyone faces, its so real and honest… All that COLOUR too!! Gah I love it so much! I am not a traditional person but an interesting fact that Confetti came from Italy to bestow prosperity and fertility onto the Bride and groom ~ Did you know that? 🙂

I get asked a lot about how to get the best confetti shots so here are some Top Tips!

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1) Who buys the confetti?

Years ago it was common for the guests to bring it but these days its very rare so don’t expect them to. If you are wanting amazing shots of this moment you must purchase the confetti and this way you can make sure it ties in with the rest of your wedding also.

2) Permission to use?

You will need to check whether your church/ venue allows confetti on site. Usually its fine but often Bio degradable confetti is required. There are plenty of options out there but check first what is needed and if there is a certain location that it needs to be done at.

confetti tunnel

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3) What confetti would look best in camera?

My personal favourite is rainbow coloured, more colour the better and if they are large they will be picked out on camera easier. Rice is often the hardest to see in camera because they are so small….. and can sometimes hurt! 😉

4) Get creative!

Get creative with how you choose to store your confetti. There are sooo many options out there, cones, baskets, little clear packets, hessian bags… see HERE for some ideas.

5) Get organised before the day.

Make sure you designate the hand out of Confetti to 2 people and that these 2 people should also chat with your photographer, as I/they will have a plan as to where they will want it to take place. These two people (usually ushers/bridesmaids) can also help get everyone in position by telling guests where to go whilst handing it out.

Often Confetti is one of the first things that happens as you leave the ceremony, I recommend that the two of you sneak away for 2 mins as you leave the aisle, its so nice for you, the newlyweds to have just a moment  alone, and whilst you are together getting to grips with the idea that you are now husband and wife, your photographer and helpers are setting up the confetti area for you!


6) How do we throw the confetti?

That honestly depends on location a lot of the time and how much space there is. Most however opt for a confetti tunnel which is my personal favourite. Guests line up side by side and you both walk slowly down the middle. I always tell my couples to not feel they need to look at me, just to enjoy it and take it all in. Another option is for you to have a group huddled around you whilst you stand still.


7) Want to take it up another level?

Confetti Cannons!!! Man I love these, I used them for my own wedding day, you can mix them in with normal confetti throwing or you can get creative with just your bridal party perhaps using them.  Are you a confetti lover like me? Then don’t feel restricted by one confetti moment either 😉 another good time to use them if for the first dance or just as everyone gets onto the dance floor to get the party started! … HERE is where I got my cannons from for my wedding day, they can be personalised too for a bit of extra fun. Do check with the venue thought if this is allowed first.

confetti cannonsconfetti

8) How much confetti?

This is the most asked question and personally I don’t think you can have too much, as a basic rule 1 large handfull would be enough but 2 if you want to go EPIC!! Click HERE for a table that gets all mathematical on the subject and try this confetti calculator out for size too.

Just go big, go large, go colourful…. personal preference! 😉


9) Cant use confetti?

No worries! There are still plenty of other fun options! Bubbles are popular, I would highly recommend getting some bubble guns to mix in with the usual little pots otherwise you will not get the visual impact you are probably hoping for. Also things like Pom Poms, Paper aeroplanes or wands!?  See more inspiration HERE.

alternative confetti ideas


Ultimately have fun!! Just like the rest of your wedding day, embrace it! Don’t worry about the little things… like it getting in your drinks! Ha-ha

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To all my couples, as always feel free to contact me and ask me any questions about your day!



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