The Journey of a Wedding as a photographer, business owner and a human being.

The Journey of a wedding as a photographer, business owner and a human being –

*  The initial enquiry landing in my inbox- I will never get tired of this, there is ALWAYS a little squeal of excitement!

*  The first meeting-  I love meeting new people, hearing all their plans and sharing their excitement for their big day but also getting to know them as individuals.

Sharing my knowledge to help with their planning, allowing the day to run as smoothly as possible.

*   The confirmation email that they would like to go ahead with the booking -YIPPEE!!!

*   The pre-wedding shoot- Time to have some fun!!

I love to try out new locations, and push myself to see what I can create.

It’s amazing to meet my couples again in a much more relaxed way. We take a walk, we chat, I shoot them being in love, laughing,  being intimate, silly and natural the list   goes on.

It’s always so interesting to see how couple act with each other and how they are naturally. These are the best shots! Read more on this here.

*    Making friends =D

*    The editing- I am SO impatient when I have a favourite photo- I cannot wait to share it!

*    The wedding day- The challenge, the anticipation, the adrenalin. A wedding day is a very special day. The rush, the laughs and tears, the running about, stopping, watching –   taking a moment to see the moments! Always thinking ahead, looking for locations, watching the weather, smiling, wondering, acting silly …. this is all me by the way! 😉  Crashing at dinner time, refuel, recharge. Second burst of energy , music starts- feeling the buzz, the love. Having a little boogie on the dance floor with the guests.

*    The editing- reliving the moments.

*    Creating lovely branded packaging for my couples, this is SO much fun!! Also giving a few little treats here and there- Feeling good!

*    Finally the response after they have seen their wedding images- NOTHING beats the feeling knowing my couples are happy!

The journey of a wedding


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