Wedding Day: When to start looking for that wedding dress!

Today we have another lovely wedding supplier called Lucy (Big waves to all the Lucy’s out there!) to give some advise on when to start looking for that wedding dress!

Wedding day: When to start looking for that wedding dress

I run Brides of Berkhamsted with my Mum Julie and we have over 20 years experience between us, allowing Brides to benefit from our expert advice in a warm and friendly environment. We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service and are seriously passionate about what we do!

We stock 6 gorgeous designers with prices from £750 to £1,800 so hope to cater for most budgets. We work on an appointment basis to ensure our brides receive one to one care and attention. Please feel free to email me on or call 01442 874006 if you would like to have a chat about how buying your wedding dress works or to book an appointment.

When is the ideal time for a bride to be to get in contact with you whilst planning their wedding?

We find looking around a year in advance is a great time to start the search as around 8 months is an ideal time from ordering your gown through to the wedding date, this will then give you a few months of trying and take the pressure off decision making.

Does the time of year make a difference to how your service works?

Not really, the only thing to consider is the longer into the sales season we go, the longer some of our delivery times can get as our designers need to fit all the dress making in!

Are there any key things that couples would need to think about when planning your particular service?

We always take the time to find out about each brides Wedding day and what she feels would work for her as a style, this is always considered in any gown suggestions we make- we wouldn’t pull out a big sparkly ball-gown for a low key wedding for example, so we make sure any key factors are spoken about, leaving our brides to just enjoy the experience. I would say it’s helpful to stipulate a budget if trying to stick to one, again, this will help us as we won’t allow our brides to fall in love with a gown that’s twice what they wanted to spend!

The other key piece of advice I would give brides is to try everything! We see so many brides change their mind on what type of gown they wear so if you’re not sure about a gown, certainly give it a go as there’s nothing to lose!


I hope this helps you a little with when to start looking for that wedding dress! You can read about when it is best to book a wedding photographer here along with some really important things to think about to give you best wedding photographs possible!


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