Promotional Video – Behind the scenes

I recently had a promotional video done, I know … ahhh!! I have been wanting to do one for over a year now and have finally nailed it down with the brilliant Skinny boy weddings. You can check my promotional video here!

When i first thought about it, it was a big dreamy wonderful idea…. as time grew closer, the anxieties started kicking in. What do i wear?  What if they pick up on my chunky arms and double chin? Where shall we do it? Is it going to be crazy to organise everything…. Oh god, I HAVE TO SPEAK!! What if i mess up and so on….

Well i have to admit I was nervous on the day about the speaking part, that we actually had to do about 10 takes! ha-ha. Once we got to the location though, i felt more at ease. The gorgeous Annamaria and Tom where my couple and they kindly agreed to be filmed too. It was actually SO much fun! I loved hanging out with them and also working with Katie & Steve from Skinny boy weddings! … After the shoot it was  then the challenge to finding the right music- never knew that would be so hard!

The experience in general was amazing, and I’m glad that i pushed myself to go through with it, getting out of my comfort zone and trying something new. Hopefully it will give potential couples a little more insight to me and how i work.

Here are just a few more images from the shoot that didn’t get featured in the promo.

Promotional Video

Promotional VideoPromotional VideoAnnamaria and Tom recently got married – Massive congratulations guys! =)





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