Another gorgeous wedding to show you today at South Farm in Royston. Clare and Nick came to see me way back in 2013 and i knew straight away we were going to get on great and their wedding was going to be amazing!

Throughout the wedding day, as i was capturing the moments it was also filled with lots of Oooooos and Ahhhhhs (from me!), as each new thing i saw was like WOW! I get so excited photographing couples special days and seeing all their hard work being paid off and Clare certainly kept on presenting things for me to squeal about. haha.

Firstly Clare’s dress!  WOWZA, i fell in love at first sight. It was a gorgeous Jenny Packham number, and her mum and sisters dresses tied in beautifully. I then saw the flowers! ….. So many flowers by the talented Dana Young! Oh and the cake too…… Oh just everything! ….. Take a look for yourself =)

Here are my highlights of Clare and Nicks South Farm wedding ~



b-41b-40b-43b-44b-45b-46b-47b-54b-52b-51b-50Such a perfect sunny day!b-49b-48b-55b-56b-57b-58b-59b-60b-61b-62b-63b-64b-65b-66b-67b-69b-79b-82b-68What a cake! YUM!Untitled-5b-83b-84b-85Untitled-4Untitled-3b-90b-91b-92b-93b-78b-77b-76b-75b-74b-72b-71b-108b-94b-95b-96b-97b-98b-100I admit my eyes where a little watery too!b-101b-102b-103Untitled-2b-105b-106b-107b-109Untitled-1b-111b-112b-114b-120b-117b-113b-116These two <3b-118b-119b-121b-123b-124b-125b-126b-127b-128b-129b-130b-131b-133b-134His face! I LOVE IT!!b-135b-136b-137b-138b-139b-140Shake it girl!! ….
b-141b-142What a sunset to finish the day off with! I’m so pleased one of the guests came running over to tell me about it as I was busy capturing the moves on the dance floor! =)b-132

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