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Merriscourt styled photo-shoot in the Cotswolds

A styled photo-shoot at Merriscourt, Cotswolds.


A few months back when the world had ‘stopped’, weddings instantly banned and for the foreseeable future, Lucy Noble Photography was no more. All that was asked of anyone was to sit at home and be patient.  (Bar the amazing key workers, of course)  I received a message from a friend, Richard, who runs Something Borrowed asking if I would like to take part in a styled shoot when things start to ease…You can imagine my response!

The styled photo-shoot was held at the gorgeous Merriscourt in the Cotswolds… what a place! (Even driving outside of Leighton Buzzard felt incredible – Freedom!! Never take it for granted) Walking in and seeing friends, familiar faces and all the BEAUTIFUL details being created to set the theme of the day. My heart was FULL!

It was a little surreal, of course, we where all social distancing but the same feel good familiarity of ‘being back in the game’ of weddings was trickling in every second I was there.

And jeez… I needed that!

I hope you LOVE this shoot as much as we all do, if anyone has any questions and would like more info then please reach out to any of us, we are eager to help you with your wedding planning!  🙂

Full credit list is at the bottom… enjoy! <3

Merris Court wedding venueMerriscourt styled photo-shoot in the Cotswoldswedding detailswedding decorgroomMerriscourt styled photo-shoot in the CotswoldsMerriscourt styled photo-shoot in the CotswoldsmerriscourtMerriscourt styled photo-shoot in the CotswoldsMerriscourt styled photo-shoot in the Cotswolds


Concept and Styling: Something Borrowed Event Hire 
Concept, Cake and Biscuit Favours: Cherry Tree Cakerie 
Model: James Ashton
Table linen: Northfields Linen 
Photography: Moi

Kings Chapel Wedding – Old Amersham

Kings Chapel Wedding Photographer – Old Amersham.

Bright, colourful and fun wedding at Kings Chapel in Old Amersham.

black and white portrait

“Oh my they are amazing, absolutely love them!! I have sent it to
everyone, they all agree ! You have captured the feel of the day. Everyone looks so happy they are stunning, love them!!!!
You’re truly brilliant!!! Thank you”


Vicky and Pete … where do I start?! We got on the moment we met, had some fun on their pre-wedding shoot and I even made Pete smile in front of the camera 😉 Which I hear is rare!

The weekend I photographed their wedding I was actually doing two weddings back to back at Kings Chapel! So I bumped into Vicky the day before whilst I was on my lunch break.  Vicky was just arriving, checking in to the rooms etc. It was all very exciting and so nice to see the pre wedding day excitement too!

The wedding day itself was soooooo good. The vibe the whole way through was very relaxed, informal and just about having fun! I absolutely loved all their decor, it was bright and colourful …. my kinda wedding!!

I loved that I got to see them again earlier this year for their friends Holly and Bens Wedding too! <3 So many familiar faces.

I can’t help but smile looking through their wedding, i’m sure you will agree!?

Thanks so much for choosing me to be your wedding photographer guys ~ big love to you!

Kings Chapel


bridebridal prep

kings chapel wedding ceremony detailsKings Chapel Wedding - Old AmershamKings Chapel Wedding - Old Amershamkings chapel kings chapel kings chapel wedding ceremonyKings Chapel Wedding - Old Amershamkings chapel Kings Chapel Wedding - Old Amershamkings chapel confetti aisle kings chapel Kings Chapel Wedding - Old Amershamwedding group photoskings chapel wedding table decorationskings chapel kings chapel Kings Chapel Wedding - Old Amershamblack and white portraitwedding portraitsglitter paint wedding guestsfirst danceKings Chapel Wedding - Old Amershambouquet throw

Hair and Make Up artist: Friends

Flowers: Me and glorious flower days

Suits: Next and TM Lewinns

Wedding Dress: Pure couture

Bridesmaid Dresses: Asos

Wedding cake: Krispy kreme

DJ / BAND: The Deps

Andrè the Sax man

Venue Dressing:
Cinderella Decor



Reasons to be cheerful – Covid-19 and your wedding


Reasons to be cheerful


I know the title of this post seems a bit controversial – ‘Reasons to be cheerful – Covid-19 and your wedding’ but please bare with me…

I’m writing this with an air of caution because I am fully aware of peoples situations and how the Corona virus is affecting people on so many different levels, however I also know that now is the time to focus on any positives. I (understandably) have had many postponements of weddings just this week, when things should be kicking off as my busy season. I suddenly have a lot of time on my hands over the next few months. Yes, it’s a massive kick in the teeth for my business and my livelihood hood but I will use this time productively and get the things done that I say I never have enough time for and when this all blows over, I’ll be ready like never before to kick some butt for the rest of the year and beyond! 🙂

This post is actually about what one of my brides has told me this week, reasons to be cheerful! She had to postpone her upcoming wedding in April, I asked her ‘Now you have postponed your wedding, how do you feel and what are you looking forward to? Knowing that you will not be having it in the middle of the pandemic.’

Her response was beautiful and I agree with everything she has said so I wanted to share… . Weddings are full of emotion and each and every couple deserve to have the wedding of their dreams.

“I feel relief if i’m honest, don’t get me wrong it’s been hell the last few weeks all the uncertainty. Trying to organise everything to be moved but my suppliers have all been so supportive and I am actually so happy now that it has been postponed.

Knowing my wedding isn’t taking place in this horrible time means I am so excited for for the following, as I know that if I where to go ahead this would not be the case and it would have a very different feel to the day.

Firstly, most importantly knowing that all my family, friends and their families are safe. I would hate to hear later on that someone got severely ill from my wedding. Not to mention all the staff and wedding suppliers of course that will be working on the day!

That there is now a chance for all my family from overseas to come and that my Granny can come too!!! She was so so excited, it would not have been the same without her there.

I am excited that I can now hug and kiss everyone on my wedding day! ha-ha I will probably hold them all even tighter now once this is all over!! We will have a proper party and everyones spirits will be so much higher once we have come out the other side. Freedom party / wedding! Ha-ha.

It’s also all the little things now I think about it too, people will have nerves about it but still attend the wedding. I don’t want my friends and family on edge. I want to have my group photos, even having dinner with everyone not with people worrying in their heads that they are too close to people. I really want my dance floor full and not have the 2 meter apart rule in place currently.

I have lost count at how many times I have shed a tear over this but ultimately I know it’s the right thing to do and now it’s sorted, I feel so much more at peace with everything. Bring on the wedding!!! … All be it a little later than planned!”

I saw something floating around online which i thought was lovely too …


When this is all over…

… we will hug in the streets

… dance in the rain

… small talk over coffee

…swim in the sea

… eat delicious food in restaurants

….celebrate with out loved ones

And we will have a whole new outlook. Appreciate, grateful and treasure every moment. And until then … Let’s bring out the kindness in each other.’

~ Emma Gaunts


Stay safe everyone and lots of love to you all at this crazy and uncertain time.  Let’s all look for the reasons to be cheerful. Lucy x


Reasons to be cheerfulReasons to be cheerfulReasons to be cheerfulReasons to be cheerful

Reasons to be cheerfulReasons to be cheerfulReasons to be cheerful




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Notley Tythe Barn Wedding – Favourite moments

Notley Tythe Barn Wedding Photographer ~ Holly & Ben.

A gorgeous winter wedding at Notley Tythe Barn in Aylesbury.

Here is a little sneak peek of Holly & Ben’s beautiful wedding that took place yesterday!

I hadn’t technically met Holly and Ben before their wedding day, I say technically because they where guests at the lovely Vicky & Pete’s wedding last year at Kings Chapel  so I knew of them. I actually remember the bouquet throw that took place at that wedding … Holly had caught it and Bens face was a picture! (See my instagram stories tonight to re-live this moment!!)

Mere Months later and hear they are, now happily married having had the most amazing wedding day at Notley Tythe Barn ~  Love it!!

Holly and Ben incorporated lovely little touches from their cultural backgrounds into their wedding and made it really personal. You could feel the love in the room and even with over 130 guests, it still felt very intimate and cosy.

It may have been cold outside and pre storm Ciara but it was the happiest of days!

Holly & Ben, THANK YOU SO MUCH for having me along… what a way to kick of my 2020 wedding season!!

Here are some of my favourite moments from their day…

Notley Tythe BarnNotley Tythe BarnNotley Tythe BarnNotley Tythe BarnNotley Tythe Barn

If you are planning your wedding at Notley Tythe Barn or anywhere else in the world, then I would love to be your photographer & capture the story of your wedding day for you… Please get in touch here. Lucy x




Stress free wedding – A guide to group photos

Big group wedding photo

 8 top tips to give you a stress free wedding when it comes to your group photos!

Wedding planning can be hard, there is SO much to think about and after a vote over on Instagram most people wanted to know how to manage the group photos to insure a smooth running and stress free wedding day!

This section of the day without a doubt is the most tricky for the ‘strict’ timeline, as there are so many elements that could delay and often interrupt the flow of the day and take so much longer than people realise IF we do not have a strategic plan in place! I want to make sure YOU have the best friggin time EVER and still get these important photos in the bag.

Guests often tell me how quickly we get them done and thank me for it- Let’s face it, no one really wants to spend ages standing in a row feeling awkward… a drink in hand, laughing with other guests and making memories is always much more preferred by all!!


stress free wedding group photo

Firstly I want you to know I appreciate how important these family group photos are. They are the photos you are most likely to look back on in years to come, and are likely to be the ones you get printed and framed! I am more than happy to do as many of these photos are you wish so please don’t think i’m being all ‘neggi’ vibed about it  but I do want you to realise the affects it will have on your wedding day, your timeline and the other photos I could be getting in this time. It’s all about getting the right balance and having a stress free wedding! 🙂

Family group photowedding photography highlights

So here are my 8 top tips to give you a stress free wedding when it comes to your group photos:

ONE ~ No matter how quickly I can get through these, they do still take some time. So accept it and be prepared to be away from the majority of your guests for a little while for the group photos that you want. If you keep postponing it on the day, it will only make the process take longer and feel like its being dragged out. Also remember that these are photos that YOU want so try to enjoy the process. We will have fun doing them!!

TWO ~Way before the wedding, think about what group photos you are likely to have printed, framed and be placed on the wall. Be honest with yourself, as its easy to get carried away here. It’s important to make sure you get the ones your REALLY want but also to have this balanced out, that you get to enjoy your wedding day and make the most of it with all your guests! (Not spending 2 hours having group photo after group photo for them only to be stored on a USB never to see the light of day and wasting valuable time on the day with your friends and family)

THREE ~ The group ‘formals’ usually happen in-between the ceremony and before you sit down to eat as mentioned above (unless its an extremely sunny day where I might suggest to do it later when the light is more flattering) so I recommend a MINIMUM of 1.5 hours from after the ceremony to when getting called to sit down to eat. This is if your ceremony and reception are at the same location, this does not include travelling time from A- B. Ideally 2 hours especially if you have more than 90 day guests.

I am not saying it will take 1.5/2 hours just to do the group formals (Geeze, can you imagine!) but this amount of time is great to get these formals done, some of your portraits, all those lovely candids, natural moments of guests and any details of the room before everyone enters! If you have less time you will feel rushed and as mentioned earlier, I want you to have the BEST DAY EVER and that isn’t going to happen if you spend most of your ‘down time’ having these group photos done.

FOUR ~ I recommend no more than 10 group photos, this includes your family and bridal party as from experience this is the best amount before you and your guests start to get frustrated. Usually you get around 1.5 hours after your ceremony and before you sit down to eat so again thinking about the timing of the day, 10 group photos will allow you to importantly have time with your guests, as well as me getting all the other moments detailed without it all feeling very rushed for both of us. Otherwise we will both end up missing valuable moments if we run out of time which nobody wants.

**Of course if you really do want more group photos then that is absolutely fine but please make sure you allow for more time, possible 2 or even 2.5 hours depending on your list. I’m very happy to chat this all through with you and figure out with you what the best course of action is for your own wedding day and needs.


FIVE ~ 6 weeks before the day I send you out a final details form which include the most popular group photos which you can add/edit and delete as every family is different. This allows me to know your priority list ahead of the day, I place these in a certain order to be most time efficient and for them to flow smoothly. IF we have have time on the day, of course I will do any more you wish but I will always work with my list FIRST.

** Remember I am usually with you all day photographing, I will be capturing many natural moments of your guests throughout the day and if you happen to see me wonder passed and want a quick informal photo with the group of people you are chatting with then please feel free too!

SIX ~ Assign x2 of your groomsmen/bridesmaids OR x2 family members who know the majority of people on your list to help me gather them. It’s far more likely to get done a lot quicker if i have help at this point as I wont know who these people are on your list to grab them.

SEVEN ~ Large group photo of everyone. I’m going to be totally honest here, unless i can get up high like out of a window looking down, the big group photos are not that successful. You simply cannot see everyones faces when I am stood at ground level with you all. I always have a hop up in my car which works fine for small wedding parties (approx. 60 guests or under) but anything larger I really need to be even higher than this, so think about your venue and whether this is possible or not.

This may then lead your decision as to whether using that time on your wedding day is worth getting one or not. The big group photo can take anything from 10-15 mins to achieve once everyone has been gathered together.

**I have found couples are actually getting less bothered about the big group photo of everyone. They would rather have the time spent getting those fun, natural shots of all their guests as this represents the day and them more.  However if you do want one, I usually try to do this straight after confetti OR just before you head in to sit down to eat. I ALWAYS have in the back of my head how to make your day run as smoothly as possible and it can often be a case of play it by ear on the day as the weather can also dictate when this happen.

EIGHT ~ Which brings me to realistic timings for the actual group photos. These 10 photos can take approx. 30 mins (not including the big group photo), there are SO many variables that can happen on a wedding day to slow this process down, it’s unreal. From nappy changes, sleeping babies, toilet stops, drink runs or even guests checking into their room or arriving later than planned, if you are having separate locations for ceremony and reception.

Bridal party group photostress free wedding group photo

My aim on your wedding day is to get everything I need and to still ensure you have an AMAZING time with your guests and that i don’t take up too much of your precious time.

I have photographed hundreds of weddings and I am fully experienced. Always very happy to help or answer any questions you might have so send me an email and we can figure it out together! I want you to have a stress free wedding!

You might find my blog post about WEDDING TIMELINES helpful, you can view this here.

Lucy x

stress free wedding group photostress free wedding group photostress free wedding group photostress free wedding group photostress free wedding group photostress free wedding group photostress free wedding group photo