It turns out even the most relaxed bride to be starts to feel the pressure in the wedding planning process. Its been 2 years since Steve and I got engaged and things have been blissfully moving along nicely and I have been really enjoying the process. 2016 strikes and we have 5 months to go, the emails start coming in asking for final decisions, asking for the final payments and all the nitty gritty of the logistics of the day are starting to rise to the surface. Not to mention the hen do , the stag do, the dress fittings, oh and the music! Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 16.02.25

Breath. This is what I keep telling myself. There was two things I promised myself when I got engaged, … well 3 really:

1) Chill, there is absolutely no need to be a ‘bridezilla’, nor do I want to be one.

2) The wedding will be about me and Steve. period. Forget traditions, forget what is expected from us. Its our wedding day and we will have it how we want it.

3) That we will not get into debt from our wedding. We planned a long engagement so we could save, we did not want to even get into our over drafts let alone, credit cards, loans etc

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When I start to feel the pressure, I take myself off and often go and do some exercise (yes, me … exercise! I love it now!) When taking a step back, I realise most of the things that often cause me to feel stressed actually boils down to money or lack off.

I have to remind myself that getting married is something I may need; holding a wedding however is something I want. THATS IT. A multi-tiered cake, flowers, decorations, entertainment, photography, videography, my wardrobe, makeup and hair, accommodations, drinks, food even the venue is all down to wanting it, not needing it.  All of these are a luxury service, for a luxury occasion that commands luxury prices… so it comes down to prioritising, right? What is most important to us as a couple?

{Definition of luxury: Something ​expensive that is ​pleasant to have but is not ​necessary: luxuries, such as ​champagne and ​chocolate. I like to ​buy myself little luxuries from ​time to ​time.}

For me, of course it was the photographer that was most important. That was where my biggest budget was allocated, nothing to me is more important than having our wedding day spent with our loved ones documented well. I had to discuss this with Steve and explain my reasons and he soon agreed with me, these are our memories.  This meant cutting back massively on things that are not as important to us i.e the cake for example. Its a completely personal preference but referring back to my 3 promises above, keeps me in check and keeps me sane!

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I am writing this because if there are any other couples deep in the middle of their wedding planning and struggling a little, this will hopefully make you feel a little calmer too or at least gets you thinking about what is most important to you as a couple.

As it feels only right to include a photo of mine, the gorgeous Jo and I would like to wish your wedding planning a smooth and enjoyable experience! 😉
Wedding planning ~ Lucy Noble Photography


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  1. Here here! Completely agree! Sounds just like how I was, it does all seem to get a little over whelming when those final emails set is and it makes you second question yourself about choices you have made and making sure you have done everything! We were the same about traditions and making the day about us! Plus I used to workout to help with the stress! Is still love it now!!! Your day will be amazing!! Much love and keep calm xxxx

    1. Hi Clare! Working out is my new favourite thing to do, and that is something i thought i would never ever say! haha. Your wedding turned out amazing!! =)