Creslow Manor Wedding : Nikki & George

Creslow Manor Wedding ~ Lucy Noble Photography

Nikki and George had their church ceremony at the beautiful St Marys Church in Eaton bray, such a gorgeous, bright and comfortable church. The reception was then held at Creslow Manor in Whitchurch, a beautiful large marquee with large grounds for all their english summer games!

Nikki contacted me 2014 about her and Georges wedding day. At the time they were living in Sydney, Australia but where soon to move back to the UK later that year. It was great to hear from Nikki, I had photographed her sisters wedding back in 2013 and also done some family shoots for her sister in law so I was getting to know the whole family very well! =)

I loved everything about their day, it had a real relaxed and happy atmosphere. Nikki and George share a love of taking part in a bit of gambling. For their pre-wedding shoot we went to a horse racecourse, and on their wedding day they even had a little betting game on each table for everyone to bet how long the grooms speech would last for. Great fun to get everyone involved.

Here are my highlights of their special day, a Creslow Manor Wedding …

s Lucy Noble Photography-9s Lucy Noble Photography-11Untitled-3s Lucy Noble Photography-13s Lucy Noble Photography-14s Lucy Noble Photography-26s Lucy Noble Photography-28s Lucy Noble Photography-34s Lucy Noble Photography-37I loved her dress! What i would call a real princess dress! <3 Untitled-4s Lucy Noble Photography-48s Lucy Noble Photography-55Creslow Manor Wedding ~ Lucy Noble Photographys Lucy Noble Photography-473s Lucy Noble Photography-474s Lucy Noble Photography-469s Lucy Noble Photography-466Untitled-1s Lucy Noble Photography-486s Lucy Noble Photography-74s Lucy Noble Photography-77Creslow Manor Wedding Feeling nervous George!? 😉  …..s Lucy Noble Photography-84s Lucy Noble Photography-88Creslow Manor Weddings Lucy Noble Photography-506s Lucy Noble Photography-499s Lucy Noble Photography-493s Lucy Noble Photography-513s Lucy Noble Photography-520Creslow Manor Wedding ~ Lucy Noble PhotographyOne of my favourite shots ~ Nikki’s veil blowing in the wind uncontrollably!Creslow Manor Wedding This is what happens when you try to get a formal shot with children …. perfect. ha-has Lucy Noble Photography-131s Lucy Noble Photography-143s Lucy Noble Photography-541s Lucy Noble Photography-537s Lucy Noble Photography-535s Lucy Noble Photography-534s Lucy Noble Photography-533s Lucy Noble Photography-147A few sneaky drinks before they all meet the guests at the reception …s Lucy Noble Photography-148s Lucy Noble Photography-151Creslow Manor Wedding ~ Lucy Noble Photographys Lucy Noble Photography-161s Lucy Noble Photography-168s Lucy Noble Photography-171s Lucy Noble Photography-172s Lucy Noble Photography-186s Lucy Noble Photography-195s Lucy Noble Photography-198s Lucy Noble Photography-210s Lucy Noble Photography-214s Lucy Noble Photography-238s Lucy Noble Photography-260s Lucy Noble Photography-261s Lucy Noble Photography-263Creslow Manor is gorgeous, a real grand feel to it.Creslow Manor Wedding s Lucy Noble Photography-277s Lucy Noble Photography-292Untitled-5Lucy Noble photography-20Untitled-2s Lucy Noble Photography-323s Lucy Noble Photography-324s Lucy Noble Photography-335s Lucy Noble Photography-363Lucy Noble photography-2Lucy Noble photography-20Lucy Noble photography-34Lucy Noble photography-118s Lucy Noble Photography-367s Lucy Noble Photography-375s Lucy Noble Photography-378s Lucy Noble Photography-398s Lucy Noble Photography-421s Lucy Noble Photography-429This was such an amazing moment when Georges dad played for their first dance …Creslow Manor Wedding ~ Lucy Noble Photographys Lucy Noble Photography-434s Lucy Noble Photography-439s Lucy Noble Photography-442s Lucy Noble Photography-444s Lucy Noble Photography-446s Lucy Noble Photography-463Creslow Manor Wedding ~ Lucy Noble Photography

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