The Proposal


I love a proposal story- don’t you?

One of my friends got engaged last year and she was telling me how her man popped the question on a beach on holiday and they got soaked through to the bone from a storm above. It literally sounded like a movie, a fairy-tale! It made me melt inside. You can read more on that here.

My man popped the question to me on Christmas day 2013  (I know- squeal!). It would be pretty difficult to top a proposal story like my friend’s but actually, if you knew my man, you would know that… well, let’s just say he is a bit romantically challenged, but he did pretty damn well!

First, I’d like to share my first memory of him, so I’m going to back track to when we met for the first time.

It is coming up for 8 years ago now, one Saturday morning my friend and I had just left the gym when she received a phone call from a guy she knew, asking to meet up for a quick drink. Not really sure why, especially after just leaving the gym all sweaty and gross with no makeup on, but I agreed to go with her.

When we arrived, as usual, shy and quiet, I went straight into my “shell”, as meeting a stranger was daunting, let alone a man and whilst not made up! My natural reaction was to blend into the back ground and look towards the floor, just listening to the conversation that was happening around me with the occasional smile and nod to acknowledge my presence. I have a VERY vivid memory of this moment and I love this memory, albeit as random as this is, I really love my first memory of him.

As I was looking down, I noticed his trainers, his very dirty, worn trainers, (he had been at work, he’s a roofer so no suit and tie!), I noticed one trainer had a missing shoe lace and the other had come loose and he was wearing bright and I mean, the brightest, purple socks you will ever see!

Little did I know at the time but, “Mr Purple Socks” or Steve more widely known, was to be my future fiancé. (I think that’s the first time I’ve said that…. fiancé) 


Now, you might not know but, Christmas is my favourite time of year. All the warmth and good cheer, the food, the laughter, family time and beautiful twinkly lights that reminds me of those fairy-tale stories that just make me melt inside, I love it!

So, Christmas morning 2013, Steve and I brought the duvet and pillows into our front room next to the Christmas tree, as we always do. It was early and all the twinkly lights were on… magical!!. We ate our breakfast and opened our prezzies. At the end, from under a sea of wrapping paper, Steve handed me my final present….. a rather plain looking box, almost shoe box size. After opening it and finding another box and then another box, I reached an illuminated engagement ring! I might of stared at it for a few extra seconds than he would of comfortably liked, but, was this what I thought it was? The man who won’t get married, proposing?! I looked at him in eager anticipation, (which lead me to start crying, like really crying, tears rolling down my face, the lot!), he looked at me and said… “will you be my wife?”. I went into meltdown!

Looking back, that’s not the reaction I’m sure he was after…. You see as I mentioned, Steve has always said he would be quite happy to never marry, he doesn’t see what difference it would make to us as a couple and how we are with each other already, now here he is proposing and I burst into tears, unable to answer him! But he knows me well and took my temporary incapacity as a good sign instead of a bad one.

Here was my final 2013 Christmas present from Steve …. The proposal

The Proposal

 Tell me about your amazing proposal story!?! x

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