It’s all about the butterflies

‘What is really important to me is that you walk away from today’s workshop with those butterflies again’  These were some of the first words spoken by Emma Case at her workshop and I instantly connected.

I entered into a competition run by  to win a day’s workshop called Mastering Wedding Photography with Emma Case  Being a big fan of Emma’s work  for some time now, I got all excited at the possibility of winning but not really expecting to as I never win anything- right!? WRONG!  I was literally shocked, re-reading the email over and over again, I was one of the 10 selected! Whoop!!

So I went into London not knowing what to expect, excited and a little nervous- I was a greeted by a huge hug from Emma and her husband Pete, the nerves disappeared and I felt at home.

I honestly do not really know how to sum up the day, it was nothing like the other workshops I have attended in the past. Yes, I came away with a few new ideas and techniques to try out but for me and most importantly it was really refreshing, it opened my eyes…… to life.

It was an amazing, warm, heartfelt and an emotional day. It encouraged me to remind myself of why I have decided to take on my little business in the first place and why I have chosen to do wedding photography in particular. It made me think about who I really am as a person….. as an artist and what I am trying to achieve on my journey and not get side tracked by all the ‘rights and wrongs’ that can often be pushed in my face.

I love photography for so many reasons, one of the reasons is the emotions a photograph can bring and the story behind them…. it’s incredible. I know, looking back on my own family images, holidays, my mum and dad’s wedding day, past pets etc it pulls at my heart, whether it’s of happiness or sadness. I have always had difficulty remembering my childhood, and the photographs we have and the stories from others who where there and can remember are all that I can go off to put the story together, to show that that particular event or moment was real….. it did happen.

In the afternoon of the workshop we also had Kat from  talk to us about blogging and the social media aspects and she and her husband kindly modelled for us! (Thanks guys!!!) Huge thanks also to Emma and Pete for choosing me as one of the winners, I am even more excited for my next wedding now!

The workshop basically took me back to my roots and I cannot be more thankful for that, I got my butterflies back.

It's all about the butterflies

(iPhone images) It's all about the butterflies

 It’s all about the butterflies.

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