Do you ever get the winter blues? Do you ever feel like your not making the most out of life? That surely there is more out there? Well i do sometimes… i feel like I’m stuck in a rut and i need to beat down some walls and kick some ass!

So with this in mind and now that January is out of the way, I have decided to give myself a one week challenge! Now this isn’t extreme like climbing mount everest or jumping out of an aeroplane but i feel the need to make a few changes. I firmly believe that small steps can create huge changes but i am not one of those people who is great at sticking to things for a very long time. (Mainly dieting and exercise) HOWEVER I’m telling myself that just for this one week, do not think passed this one week…. just give this one week all you have got and see what happens…

Here are the small changes i will be making~

Get off social media sites.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 13.25.53In the evenings i often moan at Steve for being on his iPad so much but actually if I’m honest I am just as guilty, like so many of us! An age where we are glued to our phones, computers, tablets etc although i do this, i really dislike it. I know what I’m doing so why do i not stop it? Therefor i am going to check social media sites just once a day. I am scheduling in posts, sneak peeks etc so they are all done and ready.  Instead of watching a screen, learning what people had for breakfast or what they are  doing, i shall focus on what i am doing! I shall be with Steve, friends or family. Heck, i might even spend the time pampering myself!

One week challenge

 Stick to my diet healthy eating plan 100%

“Oh yes, I’m totally sticking to it but for some reason I’m not getting anywhere!?” … This is what my slimming world leader hears pretty much on a weekly basis from me. Sometime i even believe it myself! But come on ~ I know, she knows and everyone else knows i’m just kidding myself. So for just one week i will make the effort, i will stick to it 100% and we shall see what next weigh in brings.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 13.54.03

Keep on running

I am no athlete and the thought of running gives me shivers. I have a vivid memory from school days where i had to run round a field whilst the boys where playing some ball game in the middle. They all stopped and stared, one shouted “watch out, you will get panda eyes!” Since then i was always sick at gym time or i would just hide in a bush until it was all over…. sad i know. However fast forward to now, a few of my friends an i have started the couch to 5k , you can get a free app from the NHS. We are currently on week 2 of a 9 week program, thats says you can run 5k by the end and our aim is to run the Race for life in the summer, Fingers crossed! =) We are actually enjoying it, and even though we are only 2 weeks in we can definitely see progress! You should try it if you want to start up running.

 A 5 day creative process

I have signed up to a 5 day creative process purely for myself that is run by Megan Hof. Having a business that started as a hobby means my hobby is now work. I photograph for my clients, don’t get me wrong its the most amazing  job and i wouldn’t change it for the world but i forget what its like to photograph something just for myself. To simply play… so I am going to play! =)

Positive thinking

Every time a negative thought enters my head, it can be about anything. I will try and turn it into a positive.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 14.21.28What my one week challenge will hopefully accomplish, is to beat down those walls that sometimes make me feel like I’m stuck. To feel energised and that i am actually grabbing life and making the most out of it. =) I’ll let you know the results next week!

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