I have shared a lot of images from this wedding but haven’t got round to actually blogging it, so I’m very excited to have finally done it as its one corker of a wedding! I was asked by Steph to travel up to Edinburgh for their wedding day… of course i said yes! It was held in the stunning dalhousie castle, a truly beautiful castle with SO much character.  I loved how Steph kept me in loop with all her plans and ideas, from sending me invites to adding me on her wedding fb group. But nothing was going to prepare me for what she had organised, every little detail was so beautiful, unique, so well thought out… so… them! Take these shoes for example, have you ever seen anything like it? WOW!

Dalhousie Castle WeddingLucy Noble Photography-3Lucy Noble Photography-4Lucy Noble Photography-5Lucy Noble Photography-6Lucy Noble Photography-7Lucy Noble Photography-8

Steph is a Vet and loves all animals so naturally they incorporated Birds of prey into their day =)
Untitled-1An owl was to deliver their rings… a quick practise run before the ceremony!

Lucy Noble Photography-11Lucy Noble Photography-21Looking smart Adam!Lucy Noble Photography-23Lucy Noble Photography-24Lucy Noble Photography-22Everything about this room was simply stunning! Lucy Noble Photography-27
Dalhousie Castle WeddingLucy Noble Photography-19Lucy Noble Photography-20 Steph has arrived, waiting to walk down that isle!Lucy Noble Photography-25

Lucy Noble Photography-28Lucy Noble Photography-26Getting nervous…..Lucy Noble Photography-30Lucy Noble Photography-29

Lucy Noble Photography-31Lucy Noble Photography-32How amazing does Steph look! Glowing!Dalhousie Castle WeddingLucy Noble Photography-34Lucy Noble Photography-35Lucy Noble Photography-36Lucy Noble Photography-37Lucy Noble Photography-38Hooray! Well done little owl for delivering those rings!Lucy Noble Photography-39Lucy Noble Photography-40Lucy Noble Photography-41Lucy Noble Photography-42

Cheers!Lucy Noble Photography-43Lucy Noble Photography-44Lucy Noble Photography-45Lucy Noble Photography-48

Lucy Noble Photography-49It was a wee bit windy out there……but they don’t care 😉Lucy Noble Photography-50Lucy Noble Photography-51Lucy Noble Photography-52Woooooooooowwwwww I love this SOooo much!Untitled-3Lucy Noble Photography-55Lucy Noble Photography-59Lucy Noble Photography-60Lucy Noble Photography-61Lucy Noble Photography-56Lucy Noble Photography-57Lucy Noble Photography-58Lucy Noble Photography-47Lucy Noble Photography-46Lucy Noble Photography-18Lucy Noble Photography-14Untitled-2Lucy Noble Photography-62Lucy Noble Photography-64Lucy Noble Photography-65Lucy Noble Photography-66Lucy Noble Photography-67Lucy Noble Photography-68Lucy Noble Photography-72Lucy Noble Photography-71Lucy Noble Photography-70Lucy Noble Photography-69An incredible wedding, Thank you Steph and Adam for asking me to capture your special day. I am super happy to say their wedding has also been featured over on Dotty Vintage weddings.

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