Family photosDo you ever look at old photos of your family and of yourself when you were younger? Do you enjoy looking at them and think how special they are? I know I do! If you have answered yes to this, now ask yourself this ~  Do you have photos taken of your family currently and do you actually get them printed out? Do you have anything for your future family to look back on and appreciate? The sad thing is that people do not fully appreciate what a photograph is until their loved one has gone and its too late.

Now lets not dwell, it can easily be rectified from this point onwards. Take photos or have photos taken and print.them.out!

I may specialise in weddings but I also offer fun, relaxed family lifestyle shoots. I capture family lifestyles. Personalities, and interaction with each other. Celebrating real character, doing every day things either in the surroundings or your own home or out on location somewhere. Its about having quality time with your family, doing something enjoyable and having it captured in the process.

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