When I first started wedding photography, I did a lot of second shooting and it was an amazing, valuable experience. I was able to truly be artistic, think and look at things in a different way to what the main photographer might see.  Once I started doing weddings for myself, and by myself I soon understood what those who had hired me as a second shooter already knew… there are many advantages to having a second photographer participating in the wedding day.

I offer a second photographer as an extra with any of my packages as I truly believe they have a huge value for my clients and their final memories of the day.  Not only are they able to see different things but they are able to capture different angles of the same situation. Who doesn’t want better coverage on their big day? So let me show you what I mean…

Sadly I am not wonder woman.

As much as I would like to think of myself as a super hero, its just not going to happen, which means I am unable to be everywhere at one time. Often you will both be getting ready in different places, sometimes half an hour away from each other or more on the morning of your wedding day. Usually I am asked to capture bridal preparation, which is an amazing time of the day. But what about the groom and all the lads? What mischief are they up too? 😉  The groom preparations can also be really lovely to look back on, and don’t forget they also have lots of little details and moments to be captured too. If you are having an album, having groom preparation images also completes the story telling perfectly.


Meanwhile over with the guys…..The benefits of having a second photographerUntitled-2

Again over at the brides house…benefits of a second shooterUntitled-7

Over at the grooms house…Beneftis of having a second shooterUntitled-9

Also think about the number of guests you are having and how big your venue is? As mentioned above, sadly I cannot be everywhere at one time. Having a second photographer can capture moments that we might not have even known about whilst we are off having portraits for example. I often hear couples tell me how amazing their images are as they didn’t know half of these things were taking place and its so lovely to look back on and see everyone enjoying themselves.

lucy noble photography - candids

Having different and creative angles taken of key moments.

The ceremony, the most important part of a wedding day. I always mention to my couples ahead of there wedding day that there can sometimes be  restrictions to what us photographers are allowed to do whilst the ceremony is under way. So if we are set to these rules at least having two photographs will enable you to get different angels of these few key moments. On the the other hand some ceremony officials are very relaxed on what we are allowed to do and not do and some of you may even be having blessings or a humanist wedding for example in which case we can be as creative as we like! YAY! (Of course still always being as descreet as possible.)

The second photographer is also often afforded the luxury of taking more ‘risks’ with these key moments in the ceremony. I wouldn’t feel comfortable presenting a client the image from far away as the only set of images captured. But it is a brilliant, creative addition for setting the scene from an observer’s perspective when combined with the close-up that I captured… which expresses the emotion of the moment; something the far away shot could never do.

benefits of having a second shooter

Untitled-10lucy noble photography

Front of the church…Untitled-13Back of the church…lucy noble photography

Surely having a second shooter doesn’t have an impact on the portraits and formals?

Think again! As i already mentioned you cannot get enough coverage in my opinion of your very special day. Just look at these variations of the same kind of shots just taken at different locations…


portraits lucy noble photography

A second photographer is more than an assistant carrying bags and positioning flashes. They are not there as merely backup for the main photographer. They are professionals who bring their own unique, and creative perspective to the wedding day.

So if you are questioning about having a second photographer for your day, ask yourself these questions:

Would you like images of the groom getting ready?

How many angles/perspectives would you like covered?

Are candids of friends and family very important to you?

What size is your wedding going to be? (Venue and number of guests)

How important are the photographs to you at the end of the day?


*Huge thanks to Helen HowardClare Tam-Im and Tammy Leach whose wonderful images are shown in this post as a second photographers perspective.*

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