DIY Bride - the diaries

It is 14 months to our wedding day and we have been engaged for 14 months and all that has been booked is our wedding photographer! Which i am so uber excited about!

Time to start planning…..but where do we begin? Being a wedding photographer and attending so many gorgeous weddings really helps me to understand the ins and outs of the day itself BUT before the day……. clueless….i don’t know if there really is a right and wrong way of doing things. I do know that good suppliers get booked up early so if there is a particular thing or person that we definitely want to be apart of the day, then we have to sort that out quickly.

Next stop? Budgets! This is key for us as we have a modest budget and to be honest neither of us really want to spend that much on our wedding day and we don’t feel like we need to either. The day is about us getting married and having some fun with our loved ones. Yes of course, i want it to look lovely but that doesn’t mean spending loads, does it?

So with this in mind, I will be doing as much DIY as possible!! Some people run a mile at this thought, what an awful lot of work to do, but to me this is SO exciting!!  I literally cannot wait to start, and i know i have lots of lovely family and friends who would like to get involved too. =) One friend in particular has even started ahead of me, how amazing are these!? Thank you Helen!

DIY Bride - Diaries

I have already piled a huge amount of ideas and images of various things to get cracking with. Then the idea struck that possibly my brides 2 be or anyone that reads my blog might be interested and thinking the same too. So this is the first blog post of a series that will be spread out over the year of DIY Bride – Diaries that will aim to give you step by step guides on how to do things and general thoughts and plans i am having on the run up to our wedding day, of course with images a plenty! 

If anyone is doing there own DIY, i would love to hear from you!

There are lots of lovely blogs out there dedicated for creative brides like Creative Brides! (ha-ha) Style Me Pretty, DIY Bride and many many more! Happy searching …

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