Last week i blogged about my one week challenge that i set for my self, you can read about it here.  Well the week flew by and i was actually a little nervous about it, as somehow putting it out for the world to see, added some pressure to the whole situation but that turned out to be a great thing!!  Although i perhaps didn’t score 100%, ultimately it did what i needed it to do, it gave me that push to step out of that big whole i was sitting in.

So heres the quick low down, i didn’t manage to only check social media sites once a day. Turns out its actually really hard especially when running a business that relies on it heavily!  I did make the conscious effort to use them a lot less than normal though and it really did help me feel in the here and now and not under the big cloud of social media madness!

My diet healthy eating plan felt like my biggest success, I lost 2.5 lbs! Its a great start although my challenge is actually this week, to keep on going with it and not just put it back on again. As mentioned in the other post, I’m not great at sticking to these things for a very long time, so I’m even more focused and determined to actually lose twice in a row!

On tuesday i went for my run, half way through i stumbled and twisted my ankle ~ ah i was sooo gutted! BUT although it was probably quite stupid, I KEPT ON RUNNING. It was more of a hobble actually and at a snails pace but i was determined to keep trying, to keep going. As soon as i got home, i elevated it and put some frozen peas on it. Couple of days later it seems to be ok ~ YAY!

Lots of work has been happening in the world of Lucy Noble Photography so i am behind on my 5 day creative process. I still am going to do it, it is just spread out over more then 5 days 😉  From what i have done so far though it has been fun!

looking down an alley behind bars

The whole constant positive thinking requires some training and isn’t a quick process to achieve but it has helped me be more aware of my thoughts and how it effects me. This week has been great, i have felt lighter in my body and mind 😉

To round off this post here are a few images of cats……. just because ….. they are AWSOME!

Lucy Noble Photography-10cats



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  1. Congratulations Lucy. Keep up the good work !!! I believe you can achieve your goals xxxx keep doing your best and putting love into things you magnificent woman xxx lol xxx love you xxx