Amy and Aaron married on a hot summer day at South Farm in Royston. These guys are so down to earth, and the day was so much fun. It was a real pleasure to capture… I also lucked out and got some gorgeous sunset portraits for them too! Here is a little sneak peek into their special day… oh, did I mention she was carrying her first child!!  So so happy for them. =)

South Farm: Wedding

Meow meow…….. If there is a cat i’ll photograph it thats for sure  😉Lucy Noble photography-9Lucy Noble photography-4South Farm weddingLucy Noble photography-3

Lucy Noble photography-6Lucy Noble photography-5Lucy Noble photography-7Lucy Noble photography-8Lucy Noble photography-10Lucy Noble photography-11South Farm: WeddingLucy Noble photography-13Lucy Noble photography-14Lucy Noble photography-16South Farm: Wedding

Lucy Noble photography-19South Farm: Wedding
Lucy Noble photography-20
Lucy Noble photography-21Lucy Noble photography-22Lucy Noble photography-68Lucy Noble photography-23Lucy Noble photography-38Lucy Noble photography-24Lucy Noble photography-25Lucy Noble photography-26Lucy Noble photography-70
Lucy Noble photography-27
Lucy Noble photography-28Lucy Noble photography-71
Lucy Noble photography-72
Lucy Noble photography-29Lucy Noble photography-30Lucy Noble photography-31Lucy Noble photographyWhat a location!Lucy Noble photography-32Lucy Noble photography-75
Lucy Noble photography-34Lucy Noble photography-76Lucy Noble photography-77
Lucy Noble photography-33
Lucy Noble photography-36

Piglets!! ….Lucy Noble photography-37Lucy Noble photography-40I love this photo below, to me it just shows the truth. A real loving and honest moment as they walk back to be greeted for the wedding breakfast.Lucy Noble photography-41Lucy Noble photographyLucy Noble photography-67This is a cool idea using the word LOVE in different languages for table names!Untitled-3The receiving line…… Lucy Noble photographyOh you look lovely! 😉 …Lucy Noble photography-43Lucy Noble photography-44Amy’s face, amazing! Who knows what he just said!Lucy Noble photography-45Lucy Noble photography-46Lucy Noble photography-47Lucy Noble photography-48Lucy Noble photography-50Lucy Noble photography-51DreamyLucy Noble photography-52Lucy Noble photography-53Lucy Noble photography-55Lucy Noble photography-56Lucy Noble photography-57Lucy Noble photography-59Lucy Noble photography-60Lucy Noble photography-61Lucy Noble photography-62

South Farm is one of my favourite wedding venues, I look  forward to blogging other weddings that have taken place here and also super excited for my 2016 and 2017 weddings happening here!!

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