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Pre Wedding Shoot ~ 2017 Highlights

I recently shared my 2017 wedding highlights and seeing as it is now the pre wedding shoot ‘season’, I thought I would share with you my 2017 pre wedding highlights too!

When I speak to couples, I so often hear ‘I’m so nervous about having my photo taken’ or the ‘Have you seen the episode of FRIENDS where Chandler tries to smile?’ …. let me tell you, you are NOT ALONE! The majority of my couples honestly feel like this to begin with and its A-OK. This is why it’s so good to have a pre wedding shoot.

I’m not expecting you to strut your stuff like a glamour model walking down a cat walk or give me your ‘fish pout’ selfie expression (…Geez..please don’t do this! ha-ha) I just want you to be yourselves, have a little walk with me and we will natter about random stuff and have some fun together.

The main reason I personally LOVE Pre wedding shoots, is because I get to know you both a little better before your big day! I don’t want to just rock up to your wedding not really knowing either of you, capture what I need and get out of there again. Job done.

I want to be APART of your day. I want to be that person you can trust. Your friendly sidekick to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible and that i’m on hand whenever you need me. That’s why I enjoy pre wedding shoots, so we can become good chums by the time its your wedding day…. if you want this too… then YAY! We are a good fit!

I LOVE weddings just as much as I LOVE photography, I’m in it for the FULL experience.

2018 couples… Lets go and have some fun! 😀

sunset meadow

couple with bluebellscouple laughingfarmers wifeb&w couplestanding side by siderosescouple embracingbluebell shootcouple in meadow with sunshinecuddlescouple with tractorsguitar playingcouple embracehuggingcuddles on the beachtree trunkengagement shootholding handsLama portraitjumping off logseasideWindmillbrick wall hugslakeside portraitreflectionslove portraitcouple in lovebump shootcouple next to lakegirl resting on wallcreative bluebellscouple laughingcouple having funhugsbikesfarmers wife laughing

2018 and 2019 wedding bookings are taking place, so if you would like me to photograph your special day, please get in touch here and tell me all about your plans so far! I would love to hear from you.
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Best bits of 2015

Well it’s that time again….. it felt like only yesterday I was looking at my best bits of 2014 and now I’m looking at my best bits of 2015! It’s always a hard task to condense images into one post for just one wedding, let alone for a whole year! I culled and culled and culled…. it does however remind me how lucky I am and honoured that I am invited to capture these special moments in peoples lives, its truly incredible!

Another amazing thing is that ultimately, I love to create. To create art… and the fact that my couples let me do this and appreciate my art…. WOW!

Anyway enough of my gushiness!!! =)

This year I have photographed some amazing weddings, I haven’t managed to get them all blogged yet as its been a busy, busy time for me. I photographed my first Elopement wedding, YAY! Along with other sweet little weddings from back gardens, coffee shops, to a vineyard and then to larger ones like one of my favourite venues, South Farm. To stunning marquees and beautiful barns and I even got to experience my ‘bucket list’ venue for the second time but this time as a main shooter….. Tunnels Beaches in Devon! I love it SOOO much that I am getting married there myself! =)

I hope you enjoy my favourite 2015 moments…. heres to an exciting and even busier 2016! Thank you to EVERYONE who shaped my 2015 and making it such a memorable one for me.

Here are my best bits of 2015….best bits of 2015best bits of 2015best bits of 2015Lucy Noble photography 2015-160best bits of 2015 - Lucy Noble PhotographyLucy Noble photography 2015-125Lucy Noble photography 2015-127best bits of 2015 - Lucy Noble PhotographyLucy Noble photography 2015-128Lucy Noble photography 2015-130Lucy Noble photography 2015-121Lucy Noble photography 2015-118Lucy Noble photography 2015-129Lucy Noble photography 2015-123Lucy Noble photography 2015-119Lucy Noble photography 2015-116Lucy Noble photography 2015-132Lucy Noble photography 2015-114Lucy Noble photography 2015-113best bits of 2015 - Lucy Noble Photographybest bits of 2015 - Lucy Noble PhotographyLucy Noble photography 2015-93Lucy Noble photography 2015-86Lucy Noble photography 2015-85Lucy Noble photography 2015-62Lucy Noble photography 2015-69Lucy Noble photography 2015-136Lucy Noble photography 2015-138Lucy Noble photography 2015-161Lucy Noble photography 2015-152Lucy Noble photography 2015-141Lucy Noble photography 2015-120best bits of 2015 - Lucy Noble PhotographyLucy Noble photography 2015-108Lucy Noble photography 2015-97Lucy Noble photography 2015-77Lucy Noble photography 2015-88Lucy Noble photography 2015-83Lucy Noble photography 2015-64Lucy Noble photography 2015-65Lucy Noble photography 2015-41Lucy Noble photography 2015-32Lucy Noble photography 2015-26Lucy Noble photography 2015-16Lucy Noble photography 2015-15Lucy Noble photography 2015-57Lucy Noble photography 2015-43Lucy Noble photography 2015-35Lucy Noble photography 2015-36Lucy Noble photography 2015-137Lucy Noble photography 2015-38Lucy Noble photography 2015-3Lucy Noble photography 2015-8Lucy Noble photography 2015-163Lucy Noble photography 2015-154Lucy Noble photography 2015-155Lucy Noble photography 2015-131Lucy Noble photography 2015-115Lucy Noble photography 2015-110Lucy Noble photography 2015-109Lucy Noble photography 2015-101Lucy Noble photography 2015-104Lucy Noble photography 2015-105Lucy Noble photography 2015-96Lucy Noble photography 2015-92Lucy Noble photography 2015-84Lucy Noble photography 2015-87Lucy Noble photography 2015-90Lucy Noble photography 2015-81Lucy Noble photography 2015-73Lucy Noble photography 2015-153Lucy Noble photography 2015-51Lucy Noble photography 2015-40Lucy Noble photography 2015-17Lucy Noble photography 2015-5Lucy Noble photography 2015-1Lucy Noble photography 2015-12Lucy Noble photography 2015-82Lucy Noble photography 2015-89Lucy Noble photography 2015-78Lucy Noble photography 2015-76Lucy Noble photography 2015-79Lucy Noble photography 2015-91Lucy Noble photography 2015-142Lucy Noble photography 2015-143Lucy Noble photography 2015-157Lucy Noble photography 2015-80Lucy Noble photography 2015-68Lucy Noble photography 2015-66Lucy Noble photography 2015-48
Lucy Noble photography 2015-20Lucy Noble photography 2015-23Lucy Noble photography 2015-27Lucy Noble photography 2015-146Lucy Noble photography 2015-7Lucy Noble photography 2015-4Lucy Noble photography 2015-37
Lucy Noble photography 2015-56
Lucy Noble photography 2015-74Lucy Noble photography 2015-111
Lucy Noble photography 2015-98Lucy Noble photography 2015-34Lucy Noble photography 2015-94Lucy Noble photography 2015-122Lucy Noble photography 2015-134Lucy Noble photography 2015-135Lucy Noble photography 2015-140Lucy Noble photography 2015-67

  • Gloria davis

    Angela sent your look back at 2015to me and I have so enjoyed seeing your stunning different photos. It’s the different ones that stand out to me as it takes a very clever photographer to catch those moments. Such a wonderful idea to do a view of 2015. You must be and should be very proud. Love the one of the blue shoe as she gets out the car and so many more. Congratulations and may 2016 be a great year for you.ReplyCancel

    • lucynoble

      Thanks so much Gloria! So pleased you enjoyed looking at them.ReplyCancel

  • Sweet set of images Lucy. Nice one! All the best for 16. X p.s the blue show coming out of the car!! Striking.ReplyCancel

Pre-wedding Shoot: Ashridge ~ Laura & Chris.

Can you believe its December!? I’m still in shock where this year has gone. Along with all the festivities taking place at this time of year so are pre-wedding shoots!

I thought I would share with you all a recent pre-wedding shoot of the lovely Laura and Chris, I just love the autumnal colours and all the little props they bought along. It really showed who they are as individuals and as a couple. Book worms, bakers, hot chocolate drinkers and a lover of Autumn, halloween and the great outdoors. Perfect, so cannot wait for their wedding next year!!

I wrote a post about pre wedding shoots here, a blast from the past but still relevant today. If any couples have their pre-wedding shoot coming up, it might help you with some ideas for yours! =)

Ashridge pre wedding shoot - Lucy Noble Photography

Ashridge pre wedding shoot - Lucy Noble Photography

Pre-wedding Shoot: Ashridge
Pre-wedding Shoot: Ashridgeblog - Lucy Noble photography-6How cute are they!?……Untitled-2blog - Lucy Noble photography-8Pre-wedding Shoot: AshridgeHalloween biscuits!
Ashridge pre wedding shoot - Lucy Noble PhotographyPre-wedding Shoot: Ashridgeblog - Lucy Noble photography-16Ashridge pre wedding shoot - Lucy Noble PhotographyAshridge pre wedding shoot - Lucy Noble Photographyblog - Lucy Noble photography-18
Pre-wedding Shoot: Ashridgeblog - Lucy Noble photography-21
Pre-wedding Shoot: Ashridge

Ashridge pre wedding shoot - Lucy Noble Photography

Pre-wedding Shoot ~ Bedford. Rachael & Paul

Pre-wedding shoot ~ Bedford. Lucy Noble PhotographyRachael and Paul are getting married in just under 7 weeks time! Exciting!

For their pre-wedding shoot we headed to the church where they are getting married in Bedford. We had a lovely walk around the area and up a great big hill which proved to be a little slippy seeing as it had rain the previous day, which was slightly amusing for all of us but WOW the views where gorgeous once we had reached the top!

Both Rachael and Paul are heavily involved in the theatre, so it was only right to also have a quick stop at the theatre, TADS to get a couple of fun, dramatic shots. This is where they spend a lot of their time!  I am also led to believe that there might be some exciting details to their wedding day that has been inspired by the theatre too! YAY!

I am very much looking forward to the big day!! x

B. Lucy Noble Photography-3B. Lucy Noble Photography-4B. Lucy Noble Photography-5B. Lucy Noble Photography-7B. Lucy Noble Photography-6Pre-wedding shoot ~ BedfordB. Lucy Noble Photography-9B. Lucy Noble Photography-10

Pre-wedding shoot ~ Whipsnade Zoo. Jo & Paulo

Pre-wedding shoot ~ whipsnade zooI met Jo a couple of years ago as she won one of my Mothers Day photo shoot competitions and since then has booked me for her wedding! Yippee. I loved photographing Jo and her mum back then, and to see her again and meet Paulo was great! You can see from these images, these guys just really enjoy spending time together and I absolutely love this. I could photograph them all day long! A fantastic way to kick off my pre-wedding shoots of 2015.

Here are a few sneak peeks of their pre-wedding shoot, they chose to have it at Whipsnade Zoo as it was one of their first dates…..perfect. I am so looking forward to their wedding day in September!! It sounds like its going to be a colourful affair! BRING.IT.ON! =)

Lucy Noble Photography. -13Untitled-3Lucy Noble Photography. -42whipsnade zooLucy Noble Photography. -27Untitled-2Happy, beautiful people over looking a stunning landscape…
whipsnad zoo - lucy noble photographyLucy Noble Photography. -5Lucy Noble Photography. -53Lucy Noble Photography. -59Lucy Noble Photography. -28Lucy Noble Photography. -73Lucy Noble Photography. -74Im in love with this below image!Lucy Noble Photography. -76Lucy Noble Photography. -25