I look around and I see so many inspiring, ambitious creative individuals and small business owners who are brimming with talent but lack that all-important self-belief. The superstars that can’t seem to see the power they truly hold, when they are destined to break free, rise up and shine bright.

Your soul. Your spirit. Your spark. It’s that feeling inside that brightens your day and boosts your mood. It’s the passion and buzz that makes you feel like you can conquer the world. Like you can do anything. Sometimes you might push it aside or bury it beneath doubts and worry, because that little voice tells you ‘no’. It tells you to shy away and hide…

What if I told you it’s safe to shine, to shine so bright that it makes the world take notice and smile with you? You can be whoever you want to be – you can be your true self. It’s time to embrace who you are and what you believe in, to create a positive impact and a relevant, unique look and feel for your business.

I am here to help you, by blending my skills in photography, past experiences, training and gentle visibility coaching to support you on your journey and help you shine at every step. I want you to succeed in the most authentic way.

There’s no time like the present. Are you ready?

OK, here is how it works...

I am here to help creative entrepreneurs shine. Someone who might doubt their own ability yet possess something truly special. Professionals who might feel uncomfortable in front of the camera but have talents that deserve to be seen.

Through my photography… I’ll showcase your personality, your business and what you stand for.

Through my writing… I’ll share stories of how I and others have been in your shoes. How we’ve experienced the same everyday struggles to inspire you to step out of the shadows. 

Workshops… Coming soon, summer of 2021. I shall be introducing online workshops / courses to help build your confidence in yourself and overcoming the fear of getting in front of the camera so you can truly rise up and be visible.

Some of the people, businesses and events that I can help...

My photographic work includes:

  • Branding shoots for founders, CEO’s, life coaches, artists, nutritionists, healers, dreamers & doers

  • Event photography for gatherings such as yoga retreats, creative talks and workshops, health & fitness events

  • Social media content for bloggers, influencers and instagrammers

  • Portraits & lifestyle shoots with creatives, makers, artists, authors, designers, actors, dancers and athletes

Get in touch and tell me about your requirements, I would love to hear about you and your business.

I loved working with Lucy. She proactively found the perfect location for our shoot and immediately grasped the look and feel I was going for for my headshots and business imagery. When we met in person she put me at ease. I don't enjoy being in front of the camera, but she managed to keep the mood relaxed and it shows in the final pictures, which look real and natural. She was also very accommodating when it came to adding extra people in some of the shots, including a few children who Lucy was able to engage with in a really fun way. At the end of the whole process there were plenty of pictures for me to choose from, in fact I was spoilt for choice. I can't wait to work with Lucy again and would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Hayley Cannon - Transformational breath specialist


Full Branding Shoot
This is the ultimate Personal Branding Photoshoot.

4-5 hours shoot time

200 Retouched High Resolution Images (Chosen from a gallery of approx. 400 images)

3/4 Outfit changes

3 Locations

Payment plans available.

Half Day Branding Shoot
You might not be quite ready for a full branding shoot, or you might just need some images of you working in your office or from home.

2-3 hours shoot time

100 Retouched High Resolution Images (Chosen from a gallery of approx. 200 images)

2 Outfit changes

1 Location (Usually home or your office)

The Mini Shoot
If you’re new to self employment you might not even be sure what type of photo you need yet?
That’s why the Basics might be just what you need. You can ensure your social media profiles look professional, and get a good insight into whether you need more photos

1 hour shoot time

ALL images from the shoot in high resolution format to download from an online gallery

1 Outfit

1 Location (Outdoors or in your home)

Head over to Lucy Noble Photography on Instagram where you can view all my latest work, find amazing local business owners and my musings on ways to overcome your fears.

Shine Big. Shine Bright friends.

Where to start! Lucy is AMAZING!! I met her several years ago whilst looking for my wedding photographer. My husband and I met her and instantly knew we'd found 'the one'! Since then I've worked with Lucy several times for business images as well which always turn out amazing and have really elevated by website and social media posts. I can't recommend Lucy enough - she's my go to gal for all things photography and I'm sure will be the one that captures all professionals images from now on (in home and business life). I'm very lucky to have met her all those years ago!

Sarah - Pear Projects

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