I recently shared some of my favourite wedding moments of 2016, along side this i also wanted to share some of my favourite personal 2016 moments. Its been a very busy year in both work and life and can honestly say one of my favourite years so heres what iv got up too! …

Starting off the year, I had my hen do down in Brighton for a weekend away, this was soooo much fun! Lots of food, games and dancing.  This weekend was also celebrating my birthday as it was the big 30! Eek! Before my birthday i was honestly a little nervous about turning 30, all my insecurities of what i ‘should’ have achieved by now but actually its been pretty terrific so far and i know things will all plan out eventually. =)

Skip a couple of months and Steve and I jetting off to Brisbane, Australia to see the inlaws and have our honeymoon. This was before our wedding day for a few reasons. One; the weather in April is better than June. Two; June being a popular date for weddings i couldn’t take 3 weeks off. BUT there was another reason also! … We secretly got married with all of Steve’s Family!! Ahhh! I say secret, it was maybe a secret to just under half our wedding guests as i seem to be very bad at keeping secrets that big and exciting! HA.

It was a very small affair of approx. 30 guests. The ceremony was held in a botanical garden on Mount Cootha, Brisbane, with a few nibbles back at the cafe afterwards. It was really lovely, … terrifying but lovely! Haha I had skyped my mum and dad on the morning whilst Steve and I got ready at his parents house. Steves brother and family where also with us and it all just felt very relaxed.

Just after the ceremony, the heavens opened, and if you have ever been to Australia you will know that it doesn’t hold back, when it rains it hammers it down. This lasted all of about 10 mins before it cleared again but this was the time we where having portraits. I honestly didn’t care, we were both getting wet, i was getting ‘frizz hair’ but we went for it as we knew there wouldn’t be another time.

Hear are a few images from that day, photographed by Moments by Frankie.

Brisbane wedding2016 2016 - A personal round up.

We then went to Fiji for a weeks ‘proper honeymoon’ and a final week back in Oz before flying home again. It was BLISS.

Skip another month or so and we headed down to Devon for our Wedding Day! We had it at the stunning Tunnel Beaches, a venue i have photographed at a couple of times now and simply fell head over heels for and knew there was no other place quite like it. We had it on a bank holiday Monday to cut the costs down and it turned out to be the best day of the week weather wise, far from the weather in Oz! HA. I have no words to really describe what our wedding day was like other than that it was absolutely perfect for us, i couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The lovely Katherine Ashdown captured the day for us, travelling all the way from Norfolk. Looking back at the images still fills me with warmth, love and happiness. I wanted a very relaxed wedding, i threw out any traditions that didn’t mean anything to us. I wanted us to be comfortable and importantly for us and our guests to have fun! We are not traditional/ formal people, i felt the day reflected who we are and I’m very pleased how it all turned out.

The big surprise of us already being legally married was revealed my my sister – Bridemaids / Cermony conductor. She walked down the aisle and then stood at the front to carry out the ceremony- I LOVED that she did this for us, and everyones faces and surprised expressions of all the events unravelling.

Here is a little snippet into our day ~

bridal prepHuge thanks to Vicky who is also a Hertfordshire girl, and who i have worked with plenty of times for coming to do my hair and make up. It was so nice to have another familiar face.

2016 tunnel beaches

During the summer, we moved from a flat to a house which was super exciting! Shortly after 2 cats moved in Lola and Ziggy which i have been patiently / or not so patiently waiting for years to happen! I also got myself a new (ish) car, i have a real love for Golfs and knew no other kind would do, very lucky to have found one. So these are the big events that took place in my life in 2016, as you can see – incredibly busy, along side photographing all my beautiful couples weddings too but no doubt the best year EVER!!

Thank you to everyone who played apart in my life in 2016 – you made it one of a kind….. Bring on 2017! x

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