2015 ~ What's in storeI am a list person, a note taker, and a goal writer, so of course i have a list of new years resolutions or goals that i am eagerly waiting to tick off and give myself a high five for!

I have my 2014 list right next to my computer screen. Its stares at me everyday, and the few i haven’t managed to tick off seem to be glowing in bold. Almost as if, its actually my enemy and we are having a stand off as to who will win. Well, i win! Even though there are a couple i haven’t managed to wipe off, i have learnt that its ok. Every step (or goal) that has been ticked off means i am heading in the right direction and i am still moving forward, still taking the steps and that is all that matters.

So here are my 2015 resolutions (or goals):

* Be a little braver/ do a little more/ push a little harder. (This one is actually on my list every year and could actually have a million sub headers but i will not go into that now.)

This is my top priority and is aimed at all aspects of my life. Before i started my little photography business i was incredibly shy and nervous of pretty much everything! Even in my school days i was known as quiet. (apart from my laugh- that baby just comes out of know where!!)  Growing up I had struggled with anxiety and depression which led me to hide, give up and feel empty, so this little resolution is very important to me as i used to get so annoyed with myself for the things i would turn down or not try (i would tell myself off but still not act!). Over the past 8/10 years lots has happened which has led me to see life in a new way and finding this job that i love so much, that i feel so connected with and  the amazing feeling i get of freedom, excitement, love and passion, i want to explore more! I want to push the limits within myself~ I am always looking forward now.

* Keep fit and healthy.

This no doubt is on a lot of peoples lists but it is a gooden! =)  I myself am getting married in 2016! So i want to slowly but surely get to a weight i am comfortable with and not do any panic dieting 4 weeks before the wedding! Also photographing weddings are actually quiet demanding on a photographers body you need to have a certain level of stamina! I weighed my equipment back in the summer that i take round to weddings with me, and shockingly it weighed in at 2 stone! Now imagine carrying that round with you all day for around 8-10 hours, along with all the running, squatting, climbing and general acrobats us photographers have to do!

* Spend more time with friends.

Friends are good for your soul 😉  I have managed to work out a good balance for seeing my family regularly along with working most weekends and I do see my friends but not as much as i would like – so FRIENDS i am coming for you this year! Ha-ha.

* Save money – boring but is needed for our wedding!

* Continue to meet amazing people.  Laugh lots, give more and enjoy the roller coaster journey of running my own little photography business. =)


What are your goals? ….

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