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Every couple want their guests to have the BEST time, am I right!?  So lets talk about GETTING THE PARTY STARTED!

Planning a wedding can be daunting, there are SO many things to think about so let’s get one thing ticked of your list together with these simple steps of making sure your dance floor is packed and everyone having the best time EVER!

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  1. DJ or Band!? Everyone has their own preferences here. They BOTH have their pros and cons but ultimately you are wanting to find the best you can whichever route you go down for your own individual needs. From experience though, if you are wanting that true PARTY VIBE then live music is the way to go.
  2. Ask your guests for song requests ahead of the day and ask your DJ/Band to play a few off them on the night.
  3. What is the room/space like for dancing? If you have a little corner of a room for dancing that can only fit about 5-10 bodies, then you are never going to have the ground shaking.
  4. Where is the bar located? I’m not being funny but at the end of the night most guests have one thing on their mind – BOOZE. Make sure the bar isn’t miles away from the the dance floor.
  5. Lighting: I think this is actually more important than some think. Summer time~ light warm evenings, people will naturally gravitate outside and the dance floor is left empty…  cue sad faced DJ/BAND (and photographer!) Can you bring the party outside? What about having your first dance outside to set the tone for the evening? … Add festoon canopies etc to a certain area to zone out the dancing space!
  6. Generally speaking if it’s a little darker people are more confident to get their groove on without being in the spot light, so if your indoors bring on the dancing atmosphere and lower those main lights!
  7. Sound level: Often there are restrictions on noise levels at venues and of course no one wants to become deaf from the night but if the sound is also too low, then it feels like more background music and side shuffles will be the only thing happening on the dance floor.
  8. Know your guests – this seems obvious but are they even the dance loving kinda people?! Some would love nothing more than sitting outside with a group of friends chatting the night away. Or your wedding gang might even prefer something ENTIRELY different to dancing! A bit of poker? Gaming? Whatever you and your guests are into, the night can become alive if everyone is on board. … (board games anyone!? )

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  1. Set the vibe early on! Introduce music/ live music early on in the day either during the ceremony or after. This is a great way to set a fun and lively day.
  2. This one is a biggy- Keep on dancing after your first dance!! Do not flea the dance floor as soon as your first dance is up, entice everyone on! Your guests want to dance with YOU!
  3. Do you love a certain type of dance? Bring on the dancing lessons and get everyone involved. Zumba, Ceilidh… whatever floats your boat! It really breaks the ice for anyone feeling a little awkward.
  4. Have a couple of inflatable musical instruments close to the dance floor, those saxophones go down really well with guests! ha-ha!
  5. How about confetti canoons – nothing says PARTY like confetti falling from the skies!
  6. Booze, an obvious one but it can be turned into a game. Iv seen at a couple of weddings the band/DJ randomly selecting a guest who has pulled of the best dance moves to go and get themselves a free drink. (Give a budget for this/ max no of people so it doesn’t get out of control) but this will encourage guests not to be shy!
  7. Bride and Groom: Keep on partying, yes have a break but keep returning, keep luring those guests on and make some amazing memories!!

“Don’t tell me to dance like nobody is watching, I’m dancing the hell out of this song! Of course everyone is watching”


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