As a wedding photographer, I love to create vibrant, fun images full of personality and emotion. I create images that tell a story, with a creative and contemporary twist.

I am drawn to all that is different. I find beauty in images that show something quite unique or something individual. I'm not into tradtion for traditions sake. Heartfelt decisions are exciting and I love photographing weddings that are creative, full of life and stamped with personality.

But "WHO ARE YOU" you are asking...

I am a hugger, a smiler, a 'laugh out loud' kind of person and a listener. I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes and I'm drawn to anyone with that same desire for excitment and determination in the pit of their stomach.

I have a positive yet calm nature. I am a girl seeking the 'best' of what life has to offer not only for myself, but for those around me as well.

I love a good BBQ and if I could wear flip flops all year round I would!

Steve, my husband often finds me sitting either in the sunshine soaking up the rays or sheltered but outdoors in the rain listening to the sounds and having a little daydream ~ so very relaxing! =)


To travel and explore exciting places and new things

All things cookie related

Being outdoors in the fresh air -  You cannot beat nature! It is good for my mind and soul

My two cats and my bearded dragon (my friendly sidekicks)

Yoga and Pilates, although I don't have the body for it (but I'm working on it!)

I come from a creative background in Art and Interior Design

I love weddings so much, my husband and I decided to do it TWICE! (on opposite sides of the world!)

" From start to finish Lucy made the process stress-free and fun. Not only did she make us feel completely at ease around her but she approached everything with an enthusiasm and excitment that made us feel like we were the 

only couple ever to get married!”

- Kay & David.